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Beard Restoration

For thinning or missing beard

A beard is a traditional sign of masculinity and an important part of your identity. As you begin to age, your beard may also begin to show signs of ageing. Thinning spots and places of uneven hair growth may prevent you from growing the full beard you want.

A patchy, uneven, or thin beard can be frustrating, and it can also deliver a blow to your self-esteem. However, these are issues that can be addressed with our popular beard transplant in FUEHUB Cyprus. Dr Fozz (Fevzi Kortay MD) understands the important role that your beard plays in your appearance, and he is ready to help you achieve confidence in your image.

Facial Hair

Our Goal

Improve appearance

Beard restoration is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure in which hair is removed from a designated location on your body and carefully transplanted to your face.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Beard Restoration Performed?

In order to perform your beard transplant, hair must be removed from an area of healthy hair growth, so those follicles can be transplanted to create a fuller, attractive beard This is commonly completed using a method known as a Follicular Unit. These follicles will then be separated into one or two follicle units and transplanted to create the full, thick beard you desire.

What Can I Expect Following Beard Restoration?

Beard restoration is performed within the calm, serene environment of our midtown Manhattan offices under local anaesthesia. Most patients remain very comfortable during beard restoration surgery.  Dr Fozz will remove hair follicles from the designated area with the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and prepare them for implantation. Then, he will carefully place individual follicles to restore the fullness of your beard. Our surgery for a facial hair transplant in FUEHUB can last between two and five hours depending on the extent of the area that needs filling in.

Are the Results of Beard Restoration Long-Lasting?

Yes. Once the healthy follicles are implanted in the new location, they will be there for the foreseeable future and will continue to grow.

How Long Will it Take to Grow a Beard following Beard Restoration?

You should be able to notice significant growth within four months following your beard restoration procedure. If you would like to grow your beard a bit longer, that can take up to six to ten months to grow fully.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Fozz?

Dr. Fevzi Kortay is the only specialist surgeon in Northern Cyprus who is a recognised hair restoration specialist.  His recognition in Europe, through European College Aesthetics Medicine and Surgeons (ECAMS) and his study paper in Italy, gave him an advanced start in this field. This means he is uniquely qualified to understand the right techniques and technologies to employ to create the beard that gives you the look you envision, from a sculptured goatee to a more lush, full beard.

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