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Hair Restoration
in Northern Cyprus

While you visit, you can comfortably regenerate your hair
Happy Patient


North Cyprus

The Healthcare system in Cyprus has been frequently compared to the systems in developed countries such as the US and UK and has been recognized by the World Health Organization as having the same level of care quality as these developed nations.

Doctor Office

Medical Professionals


Most doctors working in Cyprus are trained in leading hospitals in either the UK or the US. These doctors are exposed to the latest technological advancements and equipment early in the training.


Vacation Destination


Cyprus boasts a temperate climate with 3,000 glorious hours of sunshine annually. Cyprus is essentially a tropical paradise, which will make recovery after your medical procedure relaxing and rejuvenating.


General Public


Approximately 73% of all Cypriots speak English, making communicating with locals and medical professionals easy and hassle-free.



Northern Cyprus

Cyprus attracts around 2.4 million tourists every year, and an increasing number of these tourists are there for medical procedures.

Plane on Runway


Easy to get to Larnaca or Ercan

Getting to Cyprus has never been this easy.  We can arrange your flights and hotel during your treatment duration in Cyprus.   

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