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About Us: About Us


From discovery to recovery with Dr Fozz. 

At FUEHUB we embrace the individualised, empowering, and cutting edge future of hair restoration and transplantation.  This beauty today is defined by you, and FUEHUB empowers users to mirror how you feel on the inside with what you project on the outside.


We’re redefining beauty, taking the stigma out of “work done,” cosmetic procedures through warmth, support, and knowledgeable insight.

Our platform offers users trusted, unbiased information about most methods of delivery in hair transplantation and restoration. 

By continually helping our patients, community, and organisations to find the best specialist doctors in hair transplantation and aesthetics. 

FUEHUB can also be used as a HUB for communication ranging from how to find reliable and authentic Hair Transplantation surgeons in Cyprus, the EU and Turkey. 


We will enable and empower our patients' perspectives.


We will continually share general discussions about hair loss and the experiences of our patients.  

How we work

Hair transplant surgery has attained new levels of excellence in the past decade. In our practice, our doctor's embraces these advancements and emphasize on the importance of maintaining healthy hair density as part of sustaining a beautiful and vibrant face.  Our doctor's use artistic eye and superb surgical skill that restores thickness and natural appearing hair lines for both our men and women patients.


In terms of methodology, we can use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), stick-and-place (S&P) technique and fully automated hair transplant technique.  Each approach creates aesthetically beautiful outcomes with the difference being how the donor's hair is gathered.  It is important to realise the choice of technique is individualized to each patient and will be discussed during the initial hair transplant consultation. 

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